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Core Fitness


$65 a month 1 year membership

$ 75 a month 6 month membership​

$85 a month 3 month membership

100.00 month to month

STUDENT RATE: up to 30yrs with proper ID:

$35 a month 1 year membership

$45 a month 6 month membership

$55 a month 3 month membership

All Active Duty and Retired Military, First Responders, and Teachers will receive 20% with proper ID


"I was fortunate enough 2 years ago to have found ETA. I had always been an athlete and weight lifter but it wasn't until I joined ETA that I really saw massive cardio and strength gains. About the time I found Erick’s gym I also had aspirations of becoming a Navy SEAL. So everyday Erick would help train me for what I would need to become successful. More recently I was able to earn an army Special Forces contract and again Erick was able to tweak my training to what would be needed in that arena. As I'm writing this I'm am on holiday leave from Ft. Benning infantry school and I can confidently say that my hard work and sticking to the plan in ETA has set me up for success in training. It is very obvious who has prepared and who hasn't. The sweat equity has paid dividends. I recommend the "CRISP" and "CORE" every day for time."

Alex Kropkowski

"THIS IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!! As a 50+ year old female struggling with weight issues, I knew I had to do something new. After working out 3 time a week with Erick, I told him “THIS is the fountain of youth!”.  In just three weeks of working out with him one on one, I saw changes to my body I thought were no longer possible. My clothes fit better.  He pushes me but he also know how to keep me from injury, which is important to me at my age.  He also makes me realize that even at 53, I can make changes to my shape I thought were no longer possible. I’m back in a bikini this summer as a result! Thank you!"

H. F., Prince Frederick

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